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From the Lithonia Men’s Choir:
Deepest Condolences to our friend & brother – Drummie
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E+M+F= Successful Organizational Leadership

Man Down Man Up

Hold or Fold Small Business Strategy

The OOPs Score

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He Leadeth Me

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Forty Days Forty Nights: Fast to Feast

Many powerful things happened in forty days. Jesus Christ was tempted for 40 days in preparation for his ministry, Moses spent 40 days on the mountain in the presence of God recieving the heavenly commandments and God cleansed the earth in a forty day flood. The Buddha is said to have received enlightenment at the end of his forty day fast. Forty days spent reading this powerful devotional Forty Days Forty Nights Fast to Feast will change your life if you let it. Browse the Table of Contents by downloading the “sample chapter” and order your copy of this life changing book today!

E+M+F= Successful Organizational Leadership

A formula for successful organizational leadership. Three key factors impact how effectively you lead your organization or your department within an organization. This book is not an “academic” text on the theory of leadership but it is a practical lighthearted expose on the serious issue of organizational leadership.

Promises, Premises: When God Breaks A Promise

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Hey Freshman

Not just another book on how to succeed in college. This is about success in college and beyond! You will find this book like none other. Written in easy to read language yet still profound, practical and real world. This book will make a huge positive impact on your freshman year!

Man Down Man Up

The author has experienced some cataclysmic life experiences. From a painful divorce to bankruptcy this author has experienced what it means to be Down. He survived a heart attack that left him with a permanently abnormal heart rhythm. These experiences have given him firsthand insights on what it takes to help a Man Down to Man Up. He uses these insights in his workshops, writings and peer counseling to help men who have experienced life’s difficult challenges.

The Black Cheese

The Black Cheese focuses on the equality of African American economics. The author makes a case that as socio-political equality has made gains since the Civil Rights movement that over the same period African Americans have regressed economically compared to the national economy. Drawing from current and relevant statistical information, The Black Cheese paints a picture of the Black economy that is anemic and is poised for disaster. The author suggests and supports his position that this regression is for the most part, self-inflicted. However in his book, The Black Cheese, he outlines the cure for this self-inflicted malady. It is a strong medicine that he prescribes and some may avoid the cure because of the pungent taste. He explores why all of America, black, brown, white and all its diverse hues of humanity will benefit when The Black Cheese moves. The most patriotic thing African Americans can do is to move the Black Cheese.

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Forest of Forgiveness

This book is an epic journey of one man whose conflicted heart is on a quest for closure. The intentional gaps in logic and logistics, the designed disconnects of place and time forces your mind to engage the author in dialogues as you seek to bridge these gaps and connect the disconnects. This dialogue will lead your mind on a quest for answers and in this posture of searching; Divine Wisdom will be there to guide you into the truth that is specific to you. I feel confident in assuming that you have already experienced issues that challenge your desire or commitment to forgive. If you have not, let me put you on notice now, “you will.” Knowledge and wisdom chooses whose door it will knock on and in whose dwelling it will reside. You have not chosen this little book of wisdom; it has chosen you!Forest6