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Murray has written extensively on the issue of African American and Minority economics and social policy and brings a unique spiritual and moral mandate to the issue of race relations in America and globally. Here are a few of his accomplishments that guarantee that his presentation to your audience would be Informative & Inspirational:

  • Executive Director of The Chroma Khlõros Foundation on Ethnocentric Economics & Public Policy.

  • Author of The Black Cheese – a well-researched investigation of the state of African American economics vis a vis the national economy.

  • Author of The Worst Crime in America, Message Magazine, Oct 2010

  • Director of The You Got Next Foundation – a nonprofit organization that provides resources and strategies for dealing with many of the
    social issues that are prevalent within minority communities. (E.g. Recidivism, homelessness, at risk youth, unemployment, etc.).

  • Managing Editor at MBH Publishing Inc. – a publisher of inspirational, informational religious books.

  • Doctoral degree in Public Policy & Administration (2017) Walden University
  • Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management, Walden University (2013)
  • Undergraduate BBA Accounting – Andrews University (1986)

The Black Cheese, Black History & Grace

What does grace have to do with black history and black cheese? Understanding that cheese is a cultural symbol of money the question becomes what does the economic (i.e. money) journey of the African American & African West Indian have to do with black history? And what does either black cheese or black history have to do with grace?

The power and impact of heaven’s grace is amplified when juxtaposed against the history and economics of the Black experience. Not only for those of African descent but for all who call themselves sons or daughters of He who is the Father of us all.

Saved by Race

A look at how race & race relations is one of God’s unique ways of bringing salvation to a people and ultimately to all people. Salvation and Race! That meant for evil, God once again uses as a canvas to paint a masterpiece of grace! An insightful juxtaposition of two relevant themes: race and grace.

Moving The Black Cheese

A discourse based on the book, The Black Cheese. Also done as a workshop. The focus is not on what was done to us by the “man” but rather what can we do for ourselves.

The Black Brown & Green in the Red White & Blue

The focus of this presentation is the power that is latent in intercultural economics particularly between Hispanic and African American economies and the impact of such coalition to the larger American economy (i.e. the red white & blue)

One of Murray’s top selling titles, The Black Cheese is a well documented and researched expository on the socioeconomics of the
African American / Minority community. In it he espouses some revealing tenets if our community is to thrive and grow in the
fast changing socioeconomic global landscape.

Murray is also the author of 14 books and dozens of essays, op-eds and articles in magazines, newspapers and blogs. Some of his books include:

  1. Man Down Man Up: a look at challenges that get men down, discouraged and depleted of purpose and passion. The book shows men a path from being down to rising up to fulfil their Divine Purpose.
  • Forest of Forgiveness: a parable used to illustrate the challenges in one’s quest for learning how to forgive


  • Forgiving Like My Father: an understanding of forgiveness the way our Father forgives. Drawing from major ancient religious thought, this book demonstrates that forgiveness crosses all creed and religious divides.


  • Promises Premises- When God Breaks A Promise: How does the human heart deal with divine disappointment? Does God disappoint the human heart that latches on to God’s Divine Promises?


  • The Three Demands – Trifecta for Effective Organizational Leadership – a must read for anyone tasked with moving teams & organizations towards corporate objectives.


  • Hey Freshman Can We Talk: a book to give college freshmen a life skill primer on making it through college. Extensive input from college freshmen went into this book.


  • Beyond Divorce: recovering from the ravages of divorce seems insurmountable. From his own experience Murray shares keys mind sets needed to emerge from divorce better, wiser and stronger.



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