The Forest of Forgiveness

Forest of Forgiveness


A Parable like no other. Follow Jaziel as he goes on an epic journey through the forest of forgiveness. Where he ends up is the mind blowing climax of his quest for the secret of forgiveness!

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This book is an epic journey of one man whose conflicted heart is on a quest for closure. The intentional gaps in logic and logistics, the designed disconnects of place and time forces your mind to engage the author in dialogues as you seek to bridge these gaps and connect the disconnects. This dialogue will lead your mind on a quest for answers and in this posture of searching; Divine Wisdom will be there to guide you into the truth that is specific to you. I feel confident in assuming that you have already experienced issues that challenge your desire or commitment to forgive. If you have not, let me put you on notice now, “you will.” Knowledge and wisdom chooses whose door it will knock on and in whose dwelling it will reside. You have not chosen this little book of wisdom; it has chosen you!Forest6

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