The Black Cheese

The Black Cheese

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The  Black what??!!  You read right. The Black Cheese is not a misprint or typo. After you read this book you too will come to grasp the power of The Black Cheese

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The Black Cheese focuses on the equality of African American economics. The author makes a case that as socio-political equality has made gains since the Civil Rights movement that over the same period African Americans have regressed economically compared to the national economy. Drawing from current and relevant statistical information, The Black Cheese paints a picture of the Black economy that is anemic and is poised for disaster. The author suggests and supports his position that this regression is for the most part, self-inflicted. However in his book, The Black Cheese, he outlines the cure for this self-inflicted malady. It is a strong medicine that he prescribes and some may avoid the cure because of the pungent taste. He explores why all of America, black, brown, white and all its diverse hues of humanity will benefit when The Black Cheese moves. The most patriotic thing African Americans can do is to move the Black Cheese.