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85528265F124W Vernon Murray has a passion for helping his fellow men reach through the fog of life’s challenges to see and pursue their fullest potential and purpose. Understanding that in a man’s life there are myriads of challenges that can often obscure a man’s vision of the greatness within him, Murray find’s his fulfillment from helping his fellow men refocus on their vision of personal greatness.

Murray has served and still currently serves as the Men’s Ministry Director for his local church for the last several years and has developed programs and resources to help men pursue their inner purpose.

Additionally Murray has developed and conducted leadership training seminars that have helped men effectively fulfill their leadership roles whether it is professionally, in business, at home, at church or wherever they find themselves. He has written a top selling book on leadership entitled The Three Demands: Trifecta for Effective Organizational Leadership, which is used in many of his leadership workshops.


W Vernon Murray is frequently invited to speak at programs
& events that focus on the personal growth, business/professional and spiritual development for men.

Some of his topics include:

Men Dying to Make a Difference
– a redefinition of what it means to make a difference. A definition that shatters the conventional narrow perspectives of “making a difference”


Man Down Man Up: Risking Self to Rescue Others
– how to leave no man behind as we all struggle in the battle to pursue purpose in our lives.


Re-Genesis Now!
– looking at powerful paradigms how a man can experience a re-birth or as Murray calls it a regenesis, from a place seemingly dark, void and barren like the pre-creation earth. Murray spoke to 400+ men and women at a church in Miami FL where 100’s of men re-sharpened their focus, reignited their passion and recommitted to spiritual growth – see below

Three Strikes and You’re In
– Using failures as our building blocks for success is one of the powerful teachings to move from Man Down to Man Up. Murray goes beyond simply the notion of growing stronger through adversity and delves into how even in our weakness before we grow stronger through adversity, we hold the key to amazing strength. Murry explores the Biblical precept that “in our weakness we are strong” and “in all these things we are more than conquerors”. Emphasis on the word “in”.

In his book, Man Down Man Up, W Vernon Murray looks at seven of the most debilitating life experiences that can sap the life and levity from a man’s existence pushing him DOWN into disillusionment, discouragement and sometimes depression. How to look up, strive up and rise up is the essence of this book. Moving from Man Down to Man Up. Written as a guide for men to help other men move from down to up, the book draws from the time tested creed that sometimes the best way to help oneself is in the very act of helping someone else. The author has grown through some major life crisis such as divorce, incarceration, business failures & bankruptcies, a near death illness of his son and many other life changing crucibles. Drawing from these experiences Murray shares his story of growth through adversity and shares universal principles that has and continues to push him up, Man Up from his Man Down experiences.

Murray is also the author of 14 books and dozens of essays, op-eds and articles in magazines, newspapers and blogs. Some of his books include:

  • Forest of Forgiveness: a parable used to illustrate the challenges in one’s quest for learning how to forgive
  • Forgiving Like My Father: an understanding of forgiveness the way our Father forgives. Drawing from major ancient religious thought, this book demonstrates that forgiveness crosses all creed and religious divides.


  • Promises Premises- When God Breaks A Promise: How does the human heart deal with divine disappointment? Does God disappoint the human heart that latches on to God’s Divine Promises?


  • The Three Demands – Trifecta for Effective Organizational Leadership – a must read for anyone tasked with moving teams & organizations towards corporate objectives.


  • Hey Freshman Can We Talk: a book to give college freshmen a life skill primer on making it through college. Extensive input from college freshmen went into this book.


  • Beyond Divorce: recovering from the ravages of divorce seems insurmountable. From his own experience Murray shares key mind sets needed to emerge from divorce better, wiser and stronger.



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