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Through his many books and hundreds of blog and magazine articles W Vernon Murray has planted the seed of personal and organizational growth. In his seminars, webinars and speaking engagements W Vernon Murray has shared the nuts and bolts of personal and organizational growth with thousands of individuals over his career.

Murray’s passion for helping others live out their full potential is what drives him to provide well researched content that resonates with those who attend his webinars, seminars or those who read his books and blogs.

Murray is also author of a widely read, very well researched and powerfully written book entitled “The Black Cheese”


Also ask for more info about a Black Cheese workshop where Murray discusses economic equality as the essential next chapter in racial equality. Listen to some excerpts from one of Murray’s presentations on The Black Cheese. CLICK BELOW:

Other Books & Articles:

Murray is a prolific author and some of his books include:

2010:               Forty Days & Forty Nights

2010:               The Greatest Crime in America

2010:               Man Down Man Up

2011:               Promises Premises: When God Breaks A Promise

2012:               You Got Next: Beyond Divorce

2013:               Forest of Forgiveness

2013:               Forgiving Like My Father: Imitatio Dei

2013:               Hey Freshman Can We Talk

2013:               Hold or Fold: Small Business Strategy,

2015:               The Three Demands of Leadership

2014:               Your OOPS Score: Organization, Operational,                               Profits & Sustainability

2013:               Hold or Fold: Small Business Strategy

2015:               3 Surefire Strategies to Run Your Business Into                             The Ground

2016:               Good Son Good Father


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