The Grace Race

Black History Month provides an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the accomplishments of people of African descent here in the US. Many of these accomplishments have come in the face of almost insurmountable opposition from embedded systemic racism. Yet in spite of it all and as a testament to the grit and determination of a people unabashed by oppression and undeterred by hard times, we can say “thank God Almighty, they overcame”.

Yet there is more work to be done, more overcoming that must be fought for with the same dogged determination as those who came before us.

And even as we celebrate the legacy of a proud race, lets ponder the power and pathos of a yet more powerful race. This race I call “The Grace Race”. Its a race we can all belong to, red, yellow, black or white, we can all belong to this Grace Race if we simply learn to give a little grace to each other.

Why not contact us to spend a day with your congregation, synagogue or temple, or even your business organization and allow us to share how to become a member of the Grace Race.

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Enjoy a few nuggets from one of our Grace Race events in this video below:


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