Walter V Murray

Walter V Murray has released a “must have” book for rising college freshmen and highly recommended reading for parents of college bound teens. The book, which reads more like a conversation, is entitled, “Hey Freshman Can We Talk” and is available at Amazon in Kindle format or at and at in ePDF  ePUB formats.

Walter V Murray is available to speak to college freshmen on college campuses throughout America and also rising college freshman who are preparing over the next few months for college in the fall.

Yo can reach Walter V Murray through his publisher at

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  1. MBHPublishing says:

    A young lady came up to me today during a luncheon and said, “i would like my own copy of your book”. Which book I asked. She replied “i’ve been reading my brother’s copy of Hey Freshman, its so good that i need my own copy”

    Walter V Murray

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